corn flour & honey buns (screaming for hamburgers!)

recipe for 2:

½ cup warm water

1 ½ tb warm milk

1 tb active dry yeast

¼ cup honey

2 egg, divided

1 cup flour

¾ cup yellow corn flour

pinch of salt

1 ¼ tb salted butter, softened


how to do:

combine in a bowl warm water, warm milk, yeast & 1 tb honey let sit, undisturbed till foamy about 5 min

beat 1 egg

whisk flour, corn flour & salt

add the butter, rub into flour, mix it between your fingers stir in the yeast mixture

scrape dough onto a clean, well-floured counter & knead! until smooth & elastic about 8-10 min. or be lazy & use a mixer for 4-6 min. it should be sticky

grease a large bowl

shape th dough into a ball & add it into cover the bowl & let rise in a warm place 1-2 hours

cover a baking sheet with baking paper

divide dough into 4 equal balls

arrange them on the baking sheet cover loosely with a damp kitchen towel to let them rise in a warm place for 1-2 hours again

place a pan of water on the bottom of the oven

preheat it to 180 C

beat the egg with 1 tb water & brush it on the top of the buns

bake 15 min. till the buns are golden brown cool completely


look, smell & go for the show

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