pears in mustard syrup

recipe for 2 jars of 400 ml:

8 pears, peeled, cored & cut into quarters
1 tb salt
300 ml water
280 ml sugar
4 ts mustard seeds
8 ts mustard powder
4 cm ginger, peeled & hashed
24ts chili flakes
300 ml white vinegar
1 ts salt
1 handful peppermint leaves

how to do:
add the pears into a colander
put the colander over a bowl to catch the fruit juice
add 1 tb salt on them
add water & sugar in a pan
cook till the sugar is liquidated
add seeds, powder, ginger, flakes &  vinegar
cook by medium temperature for 4-5 min.
turn off the heat
add pear juice & pears into the pan for 2 min.
add 1ts salt & peppermint
let them cool a little
spoon the pears into sterilized jars
the pears must be fully covered with syrup
put a lid on them

look, smell & go for the party

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